Kettering Civic Society


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The 100 Club


How? – By joining the “KETTERING CIVIC SOCIETY 100 Club”

Why? - The object of the 100 Club is to raise funds for Kettering Civic Society towards Blue Plaque & for the benefit of the town

How does it work?

By signing up 100 or more members.

Members pay just £1 per month for a minimum of six months.

You can hold as many numbers as you wish.

There will be a monthly prize draw at our Committee meetings

3 winners will receive a share of 50% of the total money collected for that month
eg 100 members = £50 prize money £26 & £12 & £12 and £50 goes to the Civic Society.

You can pay by cash, cheque or standing order

Click here to download a form



Gifts in Wills help considerably in promoting the aims of Kettering Civic Society. You are invited to choose and support the Blue Plaque Heritage Trail, Kettering Mosaic projects, or the production of publications and exhibitions.Even 1% of your estate or a modest cash sum will help to enhance and promote the town and demonstrate your civic pride. Of course, we understand that your family and friends come first but we hope that you will also consider supporting the town in this very special way. A gift in your Will is easy to carry out through a conversation with your executor or professional adviser asking them to amend your Will.

Thank you!

If you would like to become a town benefactor here are some examples that may be used in your Will:

Residuary gift
'I give a ....% share of the residue of my estate to Kettering Civic Society to be used for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of their Treasurer or other proper officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge.'

Cash gift
'I give free of tax to Kettering Civic Society, Charity number: 11316192, the sum of £ [words and figures] to be used for its general charitable purposes, and I declare that the receipt of their Treasurer or other proper Officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge.'

A Codicil
If you already have a Will but would like to amend it to include Kettering Civic Society then a codicil is one example, but it is very important to take professional advice to ensure the codicil does not conflict with your current Will.

Would you like to reduce your inheritance tax?
Inheritance tax is complicated and to ensure you minimise any tax liabilities it is important to take professional advice. But if the value of your estate is above the tax threshold then it is likely that for every £1000 you leave us, your estate is likely to save £400 inheritance tax because of our charity status.