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A tale of Two Villages; Church with Chapel Brampton by Jack Wagstaff 
A Kettering Kaleidoscope by Ian Addis & Barrie Chambers
Blessed Peter Wright, SJ (1603-1651) His Life and Times by JR Betts
Civilising Subjects by Catherine Hall
Gretton Local History Society Publications
In Bed with Judy Garland
by Allan E Bates 
Kettering (A photographic history of your town)
by Malpas Pearse
Kettering Map 1826 and its Residents
Kettering & District General Hospital 1897-1997
Kettering Then and Now  by Ian Addis and Robert Mercer
Kettering Revisited by Tony Smith
Northamptonshire a Place in History
- Video Recordings by Creatively Yours
Old Kettering and it's Defenders by Tony Ireson
Old Kettering - A View from the 1930s  by Tony Ireson
St Gyp-in-Mowsden by Arthur Heath
The Literary Heritage of Northamptonshire by Ian Addis & Robert Mercer
Wanderers in Northamptonshire by Vera and John Worledge
Wanderers Slide Shows by Vera and John Worledge
Other Publications
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St Gyp-in-Mowsden
A novel by Arthur Heath


Authorities called it 'Comprehensive Development" but in the 60s and 70s this all too often entailed the demolition of hundreds of fine buildings, and countless town centres being replaced by soulless, prairie-like piles of concrete. St Gyp-in-Mowsden is the story of a town amongst many others that suffered such a fate. But not without fierce opposition by a group of  protesting townspeople aided by the beautiful Miranda Nelson, and the powerful backing of the town's centuries-old Patron saint. 

St Gyp-in-Mowsden is an extravaganza, intended to entertain, while sounding a note of caution. The delightful illustrations of the story's characters by DIDO, confirm it as a book for all ages.

Review by Dr Arthur Percival MBE

St Gyp-In-Mowsden is the epitome of small-town Britain, though you may not have heard of it. Like many other places of its type, it fell victim to grandiose 'central area development' schemes in the 1960s. Silver-tongued developers in league with a gullible Borough Council promised it a futuristic new town centre. Well-loved local landmarks and historic buildings would have to be demolished to make way for it and a Preservation Society was formed - but did not meet with success. So St Gyp got a new shopping 'Mall' but this was jerry-built and had to be pulled down in the 1990s to be replaced by a public garden, fountain and replica of one of the historic buildings which had to be lost. Anyone who remembers the epic struggles of 'people v developers' thirty or forty years ago will enjoy reading St Gyp-In-Mowsden, a 198 page novel by Arthur Heath, well printed and with delightful illustrations by Dido Whitehead. Arthur has long since been involved in his own civic society and writes with insight and wicked humour

ISBN 0 95282. 3 5 - 9.99 + p&p

Available from the Society Shop

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Old Kettering and it's Defenders 
by Tony Ireson

ISBN 0 9509800 0 5 - 7.99

Old Kettering - A View from the 1930s (six volumes)
by Tony Ireson

Detailed but attractively written down to earth history of Kettering
Published by the author 1984 - 1999

(see also articles on Beech Cottage)

Size 5"x9", 140-200 pages paperback 
Printed by Woolnough Bookbinding Ltd, Irthlingborough 

Book 1 - ISBN 0950980013 
Book 2 - ISBN 0950980021
Book 3 - ISBN 095098003X 
Book 4 - ISBN 0950980048 
Book 5 - ISBN 0950980056 
Book 6 - ISBN 0950980064 

Price 7.99 each
Available from the Society Shop

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and accompanying booklet

The Map was first delineated by Mr Eagle in 1804
Corrected and published by Robert Smith in 1826

The Brief Account of the Streets & Lanes in the Parish contains the names of the Owners and principal Occupiers of every estate

The following article appeared in the Evening Telegraph 4/1/01

It's amazing what you find in the small ads - how about a map of Kettering from 1826! For just 15 + p&p you can pick up this rare possession, which comes complete with a booklet detailing the names of who lived where and who owned land on the map.
You have to look twice to check it is a map of Kettering as landmarks like the London Road cemetery and even the railway line did not exist and many streets had different names - for example Montagu Street was known as Swan Street.
The original map hangs in Kettering Library but 25 copies made in 1972 have now been put on sale by the town's Civic Society. Arthur Heath, who retired as chairman last year, found the maps while sorting out his loft. 
Civic society secretary Monica Ozdemir, who put an advert in the ET, said: "I've been inundated with calls from people who are tracing their family history or just interested in the history of the town. "It's amazing to see how the town has changed and it takes a bit of time to work out exactly what's' what. 

Price 15 (unframed) 35 (framed)
Available from the Society Shop

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His Life and Times
'The Last Northamptonshire Martyr' by JR Betts 

The Story of Jesuit priest from Slipton, served as chaplain with the Royalist army at Oxford during the Civil War: executed afterwards at Tyburn. 

Published in 1998 by Becket Press, Northamptonshire 
Hardback, 212 pages (illust 27)
ISBN 1 89758892 0 4 

Available from: JR Betts - 89, London Road, Raunds, Wellingborough, Northants NN9 6EH
10 (plus 3 p+p) 


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A perambulation. by Jack Wagstaff 

A survey of the villages' history by an imaginary walk around them in detail. 

Published in 1991 
A5 size, 209 pages (illust 66) perfect binding 
ISBN 0 9577346 0 1

Available from: ER Wagstaff, Brampton Cottage, Chapel Brampton, Northampton NN6 8AF
7.95 (plus p+p)


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Northamptonshire a Place in History 
Video Recordings 

Discover fascinating links with countless famous people revealed through wondrous stories of romance, treachery and tears, which cover 5,000 years of Northamptonshire's amazing place in history. Beautifully filmed, this lavish production highlights many interesting places to visit. With a special introduction by Glenn Foard (Northamptonshire County Archaeologist).

Running time almost one and a half-hours. Full music soundtrack also available on CD. 

Produced 1998 by "Creatively Yours" 

Available from: Creatively Yours, PO Box 122, West Haddon, Northamptonshire, NN6 7DS
(Tel. No. 01788 510442)
Cheques payable to 'Creatively Yours'. Credit Cards accepted
13.99 + 1 p&p

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Following the footsteps of the Kettering artist and poet
George Harrison

The life and travels of the Kettering artist and poet, George Harrison.

Authors; Vera and John Worledge

Published 1992 by Meridian
Size 23cm x 14.5cm, p 112, illust 128 (52 photos, 73 sketches), paperback
ISBN 1 8869922 18 2 

Available from all local book shops or wanderers@tinyworld.co.uk
5.95 + 75p p+p UK


The Second Journey:
Wanderers in Northamptonshire

Following the final footsteps of the Kettering artist and poet, George Harrison, 1876-1950, photographing his scenes of yesterday as they are today.

Authors: Vera and John Worledge

Published 1994 by Meridian
Size 23cm x 14.5cm, p 99, illust 125, paperback
ISBN 1 869922 24 7 

Available from all local book shops or wanderers@tinyworld.co.uk
5.95 + 75p p+ p UK


The Poetry and Sketches of George Harrison

Authors: Vera and John Worledge

Published 1996 by Jema Publications
Size 15cm x 21cm, p96, illust 65, paperback
ISBN 1 8871468 48 5 

Available from: all local book shops or wanderers@tinyworld.com.uk
4.95 + 75p p + p UK


Exploring Parish Churches in Northamptonshire

Compiled and edited by Tony Noble
Researched by Vera and John Worledge

John and Vera’s tour around the parish churches of our fair county

Published by Jema Books Size 24 cm x 17cm. 
108 pages packed full of photographs and sketches by Northamptonshire artists
ISBN 1 871468 93 0 

.Available from: all local book shops or wanderers@tinyworld.com.uk
12.50. + 75p p&p UK

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Wanderers Present
Programme of Slide Shows

Programmes available in one or two parts Two part programmes can be shown in a full evening and together with a coffee break last about two hours. Shows are not available during the months of June, July and August 

The Yorkshire Dales, The Yorkshire Shows and Coast, The Life and Travels of George Harrison (parts 1 & 2), Our Favourite Villages and Churches in Northamptonshire (parts 1 & 2)
The Churches of The Nene Valley Way (parts 1 & 2), Our Favourite Churches of North Yorkshire (parts 1 & 2)

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Kettering & District General Hospital 1897-1997

Published by the Author John Pettman in aid of the Centenary Fund Cancer Unit

Available from the Society Shop

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In Bed with Judy Garland

Allan E. Baker a Kettering Poet writes about his life in Kettering

Published 1997 by Waldean Press Nottingham ISBN 0 9521721 5 1
Available from the Society Shop

Price 2.95 plus postage

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     Other Publications

Northamptonshire Practical Jokes and Hoaxes ISBN 0 9522481 3 1 9.00

Rushden and Higham Ferrers Tales: True Stories About Real People ISBN 0 9522481 4 X 9.00

Northamptonshire Murder Tales: Unfamiliar Cases and Some Executions ISBN 0 9522481 2 3 7 .00

Workhouse Tales: True Stories of the Victorian Poor law ISBN 0 95224881 1 5 5.00 (available in libraries)

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A Kettering Kaleidoscope 
by Ian Addis and Barrie Chambers with drawings by Robert Mercer ISDN 0 9533482 2 9 price 9.95 (Published by Diametric Publications)

Personal views of life in Kettering by two boys growing up in the 1950

The Literary Heritage of Northamptonshire  
published by Diametric Publications, priced 9.95.

A GALLERY of writers including Charles Dickens and H E Bates has been gathered in a new book looking at authors associated with the county. More than 70 poets, playwrights, novelists and historians are featured in the latest publication by Kettering teachers Ian Addis and Robert Mercer.     see review

Kettering Then and Now  by Ian Addis and Robert Mercer - Jemma Publications 7.99


Gretton Local History Society.

A facsimile reprint of the 1880 edition of "Life and Work Among the Navvies" by Rev D W Barratt. Price 14.99 published by Silver Link Publishing Ltd.

3,000 Strangers by J Ann Paul. A newly researched book about the life of the navvies building the Kettering to Manton railway line,  Price 16.99 published by Silver Link Publishing Ltd.

Available by mail order from The Nostalgia Collection, The Trundle, Ringstead Road, Great Addington, Kettering, NN14 4BW. Tel/Fax: 01536 330588 e-mail: sales@nostalgiacollection.com  Website: www.nostalgiacollection.com 

Also obtainable from local bookshops from the end of July.  

Civilising Subjects (Polity Press, 19.99) is written by Catherine Hall, Professor of Modem British Social and Cultural History at University College, London.
A new book paying tribute to the work of Knibb and his fellow campaigners in the West Indies has been published by a Kettering-born university professor, whose father was a minister at Fuller Baptist Church, which helped found the world-wide Baptist Missionary Society In 1792.    see review

Kettering Revisited - Pictures from the past by Tony Smith 14.99

Kettering (A photographic history of your town) by Malpas Pearse
ISBN 1 904033 84 9  Published by Black Horse Books priced 5.99

Many of these publications are available from the Society Shop